Terms and Conditions

Hereby "Tatev T.T.T" LTD is an "Agent" and those who apply for services via "Tatev T.T.T" are refereed as "Clients".

Order form

*The Client undertakes full responsibility to fill in the “Order” form with exact data and information. The Agent doesn’t take any responsibility for the misfiled information and the situation occurred as a result of it.

*The Agent undertakes to get in touch with the Client in 2 days after getting the Order, to inform the possibility of carrying it out.

*The Client submits the Order through our reservation platform by agreeing with all the Terms and Conditions, and after getting approval from the Agent the Order is considered as final.

*After a confirmed Order the Client and Agent assume all the obligations listed here.

*Irrespective of whether the Client has submitted the order, or it has been carried out for the third party, all the listed obligations are compulsory both for the Client and the person who accepts the order.

The Client is obliged:

*To pay for the services, carried out by the client, when getting confirmation from the Agent. The payment should be made in AMD, or in foreign currency(not cash), according to the exchange rate of the day.

*To follow the Terms and Conditions of the Contract.

*Not to violate public order, maintain the fire safety rules and the existing laws of the arrival county.

*To hold responsibility for the damaged materials based on existing laws of RA.

The Agent is obliged:

*To provide the services in the order properly and at exact dates.

*Not to demand extra money besides the payment confirmed in the order, irrespective of the problems occurred during fulfillment of the order.

*To, at least 2 days prior to fulfillment of the order, inform the Client about changes having taken in the order and to offer option equivalent to the previous order with the same price and conditions.

*Not to announce any private information about the Client, without his/her prior notice.

Cancellation, delay or termination policies of the order:

*Cancellation, delay or termination of the order may vary from order to order.

*Cancellation of the Hotel room 7 days prior of arrival is free of charge, if the Client cancels within 7 days before arrival 1 night will be charged. In case of groups or specific orders the conditions are discussed and confirmed on the particular order.

Force Majeure

The parties are relieved from responsibilities, if the obligations have not been fulfilled due to unexpected circumstances (earthquakes, flood, war, interruption of work of communicative means, revolution, etc.).