About us



This year we are celebrating 26th anniversary of our establishment. TATEV-T.T.T., founded in 1992, is an experienced company which organizes different interesting tours to sightseeing's of the RA, helps foreign businessmen to make their business-trips easy and more fruitful in Armenia, makes appointments with potential business partners and solves any problems connected with their visit and stay in RA. In our business we put the main emphasis on making tourist tours all over Armenia, on attracting foreigners to our country by proposing and guaranteeing them qualified services, good entertainment and unforgettable memories. In our opinion, Armenia has all the prettiness to attract anyone from all the corners of the world, and taking into consideration services we offer, your trip to Armenia is going to be something special.


The Services:

Tatev T.T.T. is also the General Sales Agent of Iranian airline " Iran Aseman Airlines"  in RA , which started to operate flights from Yerevan to Tehran and vice-a verse from November 2010.

Since the beginning of our activity the quantity of our passengers has increased rapidly which shows that day by day more and more passengers trust us, trust our reliable services and, now we have many permanent clients. 

TATEV Travel Agency is a member of ASTA and IATA

Founder Member of the Union of Incoming Tour Operator of Armenia
GSA of “Iran Aseman Airlines” a/c in Armenia